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Updated on 10 Nov 2015

Samsung INR18650 32E 3200mAh, 6.4A Flat Top Regular 18650 Battery

Item Name : Samsung INR18650 32E 3200mAh,  6.4A Flat Top Regular 18650 Battery

Item Code : STTB511158SAQ

Status : In Stocks. Stocks in Singapore.

Price : $13 each, $26 for 2pcs with 1 Free Soshine 2x18650 Battery Case. (We reserved the rights to replace similar battery case if stocks run out)

Shipping : Free local standard mail for 1pc. For 2 pcs add $1.50
                 (for Registered Mail please add $4.00)

Payment : Internet Banking/Transfer or ATM Transfer, see "How To Buy"

DescriptionThis is brand new Samsung 3200mAh, maximum continuous discharge current of 6.4A , Flat Top Regular INR18650 32E Battery. Highly recommended for your low current load devices like cree torch, powerbank, remote control, etc. You do not need special charger as charging voltage is 4.2V, just a good charger will do. 
Not recommended for use in high drain devices. Of course is a Genuine Samsung battery, from Korea.

      #Note : Samsung INR18650 32E is different from Samsung ICR18650 32A. 32A charging voltage is 4.35V as such you need a special                      charger to obtain optimum capacity.
                   http://gamma.spb.ru/media/pdf/liion-lipolymer-lifepo4-akkumulyatory/ICR18650-32A.pdf #

      Detail Specification From Samsung;
Specifications :
·         Model: INR18650 32E (Unprotected)
·         Manufacturer: Samsung SDI
·         Country of Origin: Korea
·         Chemistry: INR
·         Max. continuous discharge current: 2C, 6.4A
·         Typical capacity : 3200 mAh (0.2C, 2.50V discharge)
·         Nominal voltage: 3.65 V (0.2C discharge)
·         Charging voltage: 4.20V
·         Standard charging current: 960 mA
·         Discharge end voltage: 2.5 V
·      Weight: 50 g max.
·         Length: 65.2mm Max. 
·         Diameter: 18.5mm Max.  

    ·         Never completely discharge li-ion battery ( below 2.5V under load ).
    ·        Charge fully to 4.2V before first use.
    ·         Never use force to install (insert) li-ion battery.
    ·         Do not use new and old battery cells together | Does not apply for one cell devices.
    ·         Use only high quality battery charger.
    ·         Do not expose to heat. 
    ·         Do not short (connect) positive (top), and negative (bottom) battery terminals (contacts). 
    ·         Keep battery that is not in use in plastic holder (or any insulating [plastic] container completely           sealed).
    ·         Do not charge battery over 4.29V (another reason to use high quality battery charger) unless               stated in specification.
    ·         Do not charge unattended.
    ·         Do not store your li-ion batteries fully charged (for extended period of time).
    ·         Store in cold and dry place at approximately 3.7V (storage charge).
    ·         After battery is discharged >> charge it as soon as possible.
    ·         Do not push your battery to the extreme end of usage, if it gets hot let it cool down.
    ·         We are not responsible for damage if there is any modification of the batteries in form, shape,             or when made into packs.
    ·         We are not responsible for any damages caused by misuse or mishandling of these Li-Ion                     batteries.

      Package Contents ; 
  • 1 x Samsung INR18650 32E 3200mAh, 6.4A Flat Top Regular 18650 Battery  
  • 2 x Samsung INR18650 32E 3200mAh, 6.4A Flat Top Regular 18650 Battery
  • 1 x Free Soshine 2*18650 Battery Case. (We reserved the rights to replace similar battery case if stocks run out)

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