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No more fighting for space with limited wall sockets to charge all your devices like handphones, powerbanks, etc. With Aukey PA-U36, you may consolidate all your charging needs into this 4 ports AI Power adaptive charging adapter. Also you do not need to bring along different power adapters to charge different devices when you travel, just one Aukey PA-U36 will do. So don't settle for cheaper but slower charging speeds, and also unsafe charging USB wall adapters.

In Stock
$26.00 (for self collect)

LG INR18650HG2 3000mAh, 20A Flat Top High Drain 18650 Battery

This is a brand new Genuine 3000mAh, maximum continuous discharge current of 20A, Flat Top High Drain LG INR18650 HG2 Battery. 

In Stock. Stocks in Singapore.
$28 for 2pcs with 1 Free Soshine 2x18650 Battery Case. (We reserved the rights to replace similar battery case if stocks run out)
$15 if you purchase 1 piece.

Updated on 29 Jun 2016

Soshine T2 (USB) 2 Slots Battery Charger with LCD Screen

Item Name : Soshine T2 (USB) 2 Slots Battery Charger with LCD Screen

Item Code : SCTO602165SOS

Status : In Stock. Stock in Singapore.

Standard Set Price$23 each for self collect. (Price does not include battery and 5V USB power adapter . Battery and power adapter sold separately.) 
Combo Set Price : $28 include 5V 2.1A USB power adapter for optimised charging. (Self Collect). Battery sold separately.

ShippingAdd $3 for standard mail, Add $5 for registered mail.

Payment : Internet Banking/Transfer or ATM Transfer, see "How To Buy"

DescriptionThis is a brand new Genuine Soshine T2 (USB) 2 Slots Battery Charger with LCD Screen. This all-in-one simple to use charger is powered entirely by its micro USB port.  It comes with a micro USB cable, and can be powered from most handphone 5V usb power adapters, or 12V car cigarette lighter adapter. But to optimise charging speed, I would suggest getting the Combo Set that comes with the 5V 2.1A power adapter.

If you cannot decide on whether to purchase a single slot (SC-S7) or a dual slots (H2V2) chargers, this Soshine T2 (USB) is an ideal intermediate charger for you. It charges both 18650 batteries at 0.5A per slot which is slower than the H2V2. Though in the specification, it is 1A  charging when charges 1 18650 battery, but I am not optimistic about this 1A charging speed compared to H2V2. 

Despite its slowing charging speed due to 0.5A and USB powered, this is the lowest priced with most comprehensive LCD reading which include capacity (mAh), charging voltage, charging percentage and charging status charger.

This innovative Soshine T2 (USB) with LCD digital display charger can be used for Rechargeable Li-Ion, LiFePO4, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd 3.7V / 3.2V Selectable( 1.2V ) Automatic Detect And Processing For Charging “6V Photoelectric Cell Panel Series ”. This is designed for different size battery: 26650、18650、18490、16340、AA、AAA ( 3.7V、3.2V、1.2V ).

The mAh reading shows the amount of capacity charged into the battery. Not many USB driven chargers have this mAh capacity reading.  
Don't risk it with cheap chargers as not only do half the job and they may also destroy your batteries, and are also dangerous.

After power on, LCD display shows standby characters, the charger is on standby mode and can insert a rechargeable Li-Ion battery or NiMH / NiCd rechargeable battery cell for charging. Meanwhile, it will automatically adjust discharge current to charge different size battery. Achieving various protection such as over-discharging, over-voltage, short-circuit as well as providing reverse polarity protection. Undoubtedly, Soshine T2 (USB) intelligent charger is your best choice for business or travel on the go!

*Note : 

- This T2 is a slow charging charger like most 0.5A chargers, it's charging speed is slower than 1A chargers. Also if a charger is USB powered, the charging speed will also be slower compared to those powered by 12V adapter. So getting a good 5V higher current power adapter is important to optimise charging. This T2 charger is a slow charging charger and is not suitable for you if you wanted a high speed charging charger like H2V2. 
- Recharge your battery when it drops to 3.6V - 3.7V or about 20% - 25%. Do not wait till it drops to 3V or 0% then you recharge, it will take a much longer time to charge them to full. Also it is dangerous to let your battery to discharge to lower than 3V, as most batteries have cut-off voltage at 2.5V.

Main Features:
- Precision end-of-charge voltage detection 
- Floating-charge maintains battery in full charge LCD displays for multi-information, voltage, time, charging percentage, charging capacity, 

worse battery and bad battery
- Metal plates for charging connection can easy adjust for many different type battery cell 
- Automatic 3.7V / 1.2V battery cell voltage and polarity detection 
- Over Charging timeout protection Auto alert indication for worse battery cell and bad battery cell 
- Power input : USB DC5V  
- Auto active function for Lithium battery cell open (0 Voltage)

1. HD mini LCD screen to display precise voltage and battery capacity level
2. Automatically adjusting discharge current to charge different size battery
3. Protection as over-discharging, over-voltage, short-circuit and reverse polarity protection
4. Automatically stopped when full changed

Compatible Battery Type: 
- Li-ion 3.7V 26650 18650 16340 18350 18500 14500 10440

- LiFePO4 3.2V 26650 18650 163450 18350 18500 14500 10440
- NiMH  1.2V C AA AAA


  • Battery type: 3.7V rechargeable Li-Ion battery cell、3.2V rechargeable LiFePO4 battery cell、1.2V NiMH/NiCd rechargeable cell 
  • Protection: short circuit, polarity and defective battery detection 
  • Power Input: 5VDC 1A /DC6V 10W Photoelectric cell panel 
  • Charge mode: constant current first then constant voltage ( CC / CV ) 
  • Cut-off voltage: 3.7V Li-Ion battery cell is ( 4.2V±0.05V / 80mA ) 
  • Cut-off voltage: 3.2V LiFePO4 battery cell is ( 3.6V±0.05V / 80mA ) 
  • Cut-off voltage: 1.2V NiMH/NiCd battery cell is (-△∨/ ∑△∨ ) 
  • 5V1A power input,charging current is: single channel 1A、dual channel 500mA 
  • For NiMH/NiCd battery, the charging current is 500mA automatically 
  • Standby current: DC5V 10mA 
  • Battery compartment dimension: diameter 26mm,maximum length 70mm,minimum length 32mm 
  • Operating temperature: 0℃~ +55℃ 
  • Storage temperature: -25℃ ~ +70℃

- 500mA*2@ Li-ion 3.7V Battery 
- 500mA*2@ LiFePO4 3.2V Battery
- 500mA*2@ Ni-MH 1.2V Battery

Soshine T2 (USB) Manual Download

  • Instruction :
Attention:Charging mode for NiMH/NiCd battery is automatically detected。 

- Move and slide the moveable negative metal plate to fit the battery.
- Insert the battery into the charging compartment, then move and slide the moveable metal plate to fit the battery size. Make sure the polarity of battery is correct and in good contact.
- The charger will automatically detect the voltage and polarity of the battery, and auto select a suitable condition for charging.
- Once the connection has been verified by the charger, the battery icon and 5 bars of the LCD display will run and light up to indicate that the charging process has started. After 5 cycles, the level icon will stop and indicate the percentage level for a few time. After charging is completed, the battery icon and the 5 bars stops running and all light on.
- If charging after a period, the LCD display shows [FAIL] characters and battery icon flash, the rechargeable battery may be faulty and need replacing.
- The charger will turn off automatically when the battery is full owing to the function of the microprocessor.
- If for any reason the battery does not exhibit the right "battery full" characteristics, the integrated safety time or maximum charging capacity terminates the charging procedure.
- Not to select LiFePO4 when charging Li-ion batteries otherwise charging won’t be complete. (Make sure you see Ion instead of FEP if charging Li-Ion battery).

The Function Key Description :

The function key description is shown on the instruction manual enclosed in the box.

The Function Key has 3 functions;
1. Set the charging mode
2. Activate the backlit light on
3. Check the battery status and percentage when charging (No percentage display for NiMH/NiCd charging).

> To set the charging mode, after power on and before inserting any battery, press the Function Key on the charger. The LCD display shows [Ion] character will change to [FEP] character. [Ion] means charging mode for Li-ion battery, [FEP] means charging mode for LiFePO4 battery. NiMH and NiCd battery charging mode is automatically selected.
> The LCD backlit will automatically turn off within about 30secs after the light turn on every time. Press any key to activate the backlit again for 30secs.
> When battery is charging, you can check the information of the battery by press the corresponding function key, the corresponding LCD display will show VOLTAGE→CAPACITY (mAh)→TIME→PERCENTAGE,and repeat cycle by each press the function.

Important Safety Instructions :
Read all the instructions and cautions before using the charger. Use rechargeable battery ONLY. Using other batteries will void the warranty and cause injury and damage. Do not use any power adapter or damaged adapter or cord and plug from 3rd parties for charging. Do not disassemble the charger and power adapter; this may cause electric shock or fire. Do not use the charger when it is wet. Do not leave the battery pack connected to the charger or plate for prolonged period. Remove the battery after charging is completed. Unplug the charger when it is not in use. Keep batteries away from fire, water, or extreme condition. Do not charge overnight or leave the charger on unattended.

Package Contents;
- 1 x Soshine T2 (USB) 2 Slots Battery Charger with LCD Screen
1 x  USB charging cable (60cm)
- 1 x 5V 2.1A USB power adapter (Only for Combo Set purchased)

Note : All photos shown are for illustration purposes only.