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Updated on 10 Nov 2015

Super Bright uLicht uML 1000Lumens Zoomable uLicht Torch With Free Holster

Item Name : Super Bright uLicht uML 1000 Lumens Zoomable uLicht Torch With Free Holster

Item Code : ULML512161GXN

Status : In Stock

Price : $20.00 Promotional Offer (Usual $22.00)

Shipping : Add $2.80 for Local standard mail,
                  Add $5.00 for Registered Mail.

Payment : Internet Banking/Transfer or ATM Transfer, see "How To Buy"

Description : 100% brand new Super Bright uLicht uML 1000 Lm Zoomable Torch With Free Holster. "Licht" is a German word for Light.

Features ;
  • 5 Modes (High > Mid > Low > Strobe > SOS)
  • Switch : Tail Cap Clicky
  • Multipurpose, especially for emergency work, or outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing, etc.

Specification ;
  • Brand : uLicht ("Licht" is a German word for Light)
  • Brightness : 1000 Lumen 
  • Range : 200M
  • Zoom : Yes
  • Emitter BIN : uML
  • LED Lifespan : 100,000 hours
  • Power Source : 1 x 18650 battery or 3xAAA (All Batteries NOT included)
  • Input Voltage : 3.7V - 4.2V
  • Current : Digital Regulated 2700mA Current Output (manufacturer rated)
  • Operating Temperature : -20 ~ +50 deg C
  • Construction : Shake Resistant and Water Resistant IP65
  • Lens : Coated Glass Lens
  • Reflector : Aluminium Smooth / SMO Reflector
  • Dimensions:153/134mm (L) x 38.5mm (HD) x 27.5mm (TD)
  • Weight : 125g (without battery)
  • Case material : Durable aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Torchligh processing technology : Aerospace Grade Aluminium Body with Anti-Scratch Type III Hard Anodization.
  • Carrying Strap : Strap included

Package Contents ;

  • 1Ultra Bright 1000Lm uML Zoomable uLicht Torch
  • 1 x AAA battery holder
  • 1 x 18650 casing
  • 1 x Free Holster (No warranty for free items)
  • No Batteries included (you may purchase 18650 battery and charger from here)
•Optional : 18650 Battery Case Add $2 (usual $4) each, AAA/AA Battery Case Add $2 (usual $4) each.
•Optional : 3-Level Adjustment Torchlight Mount Holder For Bicycle Add $3 each (usual $5).

Note : Please never over-charge or over-discharge the 18650 batteries. When the brightness of the torchlight is going down but not totally dark, it is the time to charge it, or the battery will be over-discharged and it will be damaged or shortcircuit when you charge it the next time. Please do not shine it directly to people's eyes as the powerful light may blind you temporarily, especially for the children.

Do not meddle with the head of torch or separate the reflector and bulb. Wipe flashlight with soft fabric after use. In case of erosion causing roughness of the torch movements, try to clear and air it. Silicon grease can be applied to the interface. Remove battery if not in use for long period. Strongly suggest using the battery with protecting board, so that it can avoid over-charge and over-discharge,and protect battery and prolong its service life.

***Please Read : uLicht is not using Cree or LatticeBright emitter bin. There are many makers of high performance LEDs like Cree and LatticeBright. uLicht uses emitter bins that are as good as those reputable makers.

Note : All photos shown all for reference only