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Updated on 29 Jun 2016

Liitokala Lii-500 4 Slots Charger With LCD Display

Item Name : Liitokala Lii-500 4 Slots Charger With LCD Display

Item Code : LKFH606172LPC

Status : In Stock (Stock in Singapore)

Price$39 each for self collect. (Price does not include battery. Battery sold separately.)
Combo Price: $37 for charger if purchased with 4 x 18650 batteries from us. Price does not include batteries.

ShippingAdd $3 for standard mail, Add $5 for registered mail. Add $7 for Ta-Q-Bin.

Payment : Internet Banking/Transfer or ATM Transfer, see "How To Buy"

Description : This is a brand new Liitokala Lii-500 4 slots intelligent smart charger with LCD display. The charging current is selectable (300mA/ 500mA/ 700mA /
1000mA) and max. charging current is 1A per slot. You can also measure the battery's capacity (mAh) with its Fast and Nor Test mode. Personally I feel it's faster to measure capacity by discharging it to near 0mAh when using, then measure it while charging it up. Besides measuring the battery's internal resistance (mR), this Lii-500 charger also has 0V activation function which "wake up" overly discharged cell. It also has a USB 5V 1A as powerbank feature. 

Manual of Lii-500 charger click HERE. (pdf file) or 
at Littokala website.


  • 1. 4 selectable charging current (300mA / 500mA / 700mA / 1000mA)
  • 2. Compatible with different types and sizes of batteries ; ICR, IMR, Ni-MH/Ni-Cd, AA/AAA/A/SC, 26650/ 22650/ 26500/ 18650/ 18490/ 17670/ 17500/ 17355/ 16340/ 14500/ 10440 battery
  • 3. Detail LCD display, voltage (V) Current (mA) Time (h) Capacity (mAh) resistance (mR)
  • 4. 4 slots work independently, you can select different charging current for charging and discharging lithium-ion batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries.
  • 5. FAST TEST mode, each slot can quickly detect the battery capacity independently, (lithium-ion batteries or nickel-hydrogen batteries), Rapid detection of battery capacity process in two steps (1st discharge, 2nd fully charge). Capacity is measured on the fully charge. 
  • 6. NOR TEST mode, the battery capacity is detected in three steps (1st fully charged, then discharged and 3rd recharge to full). The capacity is measured on the discharge process. 
  • 7. CHARGE and FAST TEST / NOR TEST, these 3 modes can work simultaneously.
  • 8.  A variety of protection functions: overcharge and over discharge, short circuit, temperature, 0V voltage activation function, (- ΔV & 0ΔV), 1.65V-2.2V can not be charged, intelligent recognition bad battery and reverse-battery detection protection.
  • 9.  With standard 5V / 1000 mA USB output with 1 to 4 lithium batteries lithium-ion batteries. Cannot work as powerbank with nickel-metal hydride battery. 

Specifications :
  • Type: Charger
  • Brand: LiitoKala
  • Model: Lii-500
  • Plug: 3pin UK adapter 
  • Charging Cell Type: Lithium Ion, NiCd,Ni-MH
  • Compatible: A,AA,AAA,18650,26650,14500,16340,17670,10440,18490,22650,17500,SC,26500,17355 
  • Rechargeable Battery Qty: 4
  • Input Voltage: DC 12V
  • Output Voltage: DC 5V / 1A (max.)
  • Fast Charging Function: Yes 
  • LCD screen: Yes 
  • Circuit Detection: Yes 
  • Protected Circuit: Yes 
  • Over Voltage Protection: Yes 
  • Short Circuit Protection: Yes 
  • Over Charging Protection: Yes 
  • Over Discharging Protection: Yes
  • Product weight: 0.218 kg 
  • Product size (L x W x H): 16.2 x 9.6 x 3.6 cm

Points to Note :
- Take note of battery charging current, do not exceed the recommended charging current of the battery.
- Use only the included power adapter. Do not use other power adapter.
- The LCD display shows the Voltgae (V), Charging Current (mA), Time (h), Capacity (mAh), Internal Resistance of battery (mR).
- There are 6 buttons, the 4 top buttons is used to select the slot. When none is selected, the Mode and Current works on all the slots simultaneously. 
- The other 2 buttons is used to select Mode (Charge, Fast Discharge, Normal Discharge) and Current (300, 500, 700, 1000 mA). The current is referring to Charging Current, Discharge Current will be either 250mA (when 300/500mA charging current is selected) or 500mA (when 700/1000mA charging current is selected).
Under the charge mode, the 4 slots work independently, you can select different charging current for charging and discharging lithium-ion batteries and nickel-metal hydride battery.
Under the Fast Test mode, 4 channels can quickly detect battery capacity independently, regardless of the lithium-ion batteries or nickel-hydrogen batteries. Rapid detection of the battery capacity in two steps. 
- For Nor Test mode, the battery capacity is measured in 3 steps.
- The USB output is a standard 5V 1A when 1 to 4 Li-Ion batteries are put in. Does not work with nickel-metal hydride battery.
- Hold down the Mode button for 3secs to select Charge, Fast Test or Nor Test. xxx what 8 secs.
- When the Lii-500 determine a battery is bad battery (NULL display on), the charger will release a small amount of wake current of about 20mA. It will slowly charge tup the battery from 0V but it will take some time to do so. When the voltage rises to normal voltage, normal charging resumes. Note that not all dead batteries can be revive again.

Instruction :
- When the power is turned on, the display lights up with all LCD segments on, followed by NULL when no battery is inserted. The display will show NULL if it is a bad battery. The "charge" word starts to blink.
- Insert the batteries when the "charge" word is still blinking. The internal resistance of battery is measured, and after which the charger will be ready for charging. If no Current selection is made in 8secs or while the "charge" word is still blinking, the default charging current 500mA is automatically selected.
- If may change the charging current by pressing the Current button while the "charge" word is still blinking.
- You may also set the charging current after the blinking stops by long press the Mode button until the "charge" word is blinking again. Then press the Current button to select the charging current.
Selection of "Charge", "Fast Test" and "Nor Test";
- By long press Mode button, the "Charge" will brink. Press Mode button again to select "Charge", "Fast Test" or "Nor Test".
- After selecting the Mode, press Current button and you will select the charging current "300mA", "500mA", "700mA" or "1000mA".
- After selecting the current, if you did not press any button, your selection will be used after 8 secs or after it stops blinkling.
- For Fast Test (Rapid capacity test), with the battery inserted and power on, press Mode button within 8secs or while it's blinking. Then press Current button to select the Charging Current within 8secs again. Note when you select the Charging Current to be 300mA or 500mA, the Discharge Current will be default 250mA. When you select the Charging Current 700mA or 1000mA, the default Discharge Current will be 500mA.
- In Fast Test, the capacity test is done in 2 steps. First the battery will be discharged and second step fully charged. Capacity is measured on the charged process.
- For Nor Test (normal test), press the Mode button within 8secs after battery is inserted and power on. Press the Mode button to select the Nor Test mode. After entering the Nor Test mode, you can select the Charging Current 300mA, 500mA, 700mA or 1000mA. If you did not select the Charging Current within 8secs, the default charging current will be 500mA, and the default discharge currrent will be 250mA.
- When you select the Charging Current to be 300mA or 500mA, the Discharge Current will be default 250mA. When you select the Charging Current 700mA or 1000mA, the default Discharge Current will be 500mA.
- In Nor Test, the capacity test is done in 3 steps. First the battery is charged to full, secondly discharge it and record the capacity of battery, and finally charge the battery to full again.

Note :
1. This charger can only charge a cylindrical lithium-ion batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries.
2. Before use, please carefully refer to the instructions, pay attention to the recommendation of the rechargeable battery charging current, do not exceed the recommended charging current.
3. Do not use other power adapter.
4. Chargers may be hot, be careful not to get burn.
5. When not using, off the charger, unplug the power adapter, and remove the battery.
6. Not meant for outdoor use.

7. This product test data for reference only. At times, the measured capacity may not shows the full capacity of the battery as it does not discharge to near 0mAh. Please use professional equipment for more accuracy.

Package inlcude:
- 1 x LiitoKala Lii-500 1.2V Or 3.7V Battery Charger

- 1 x 2A adapter
- 1 x Instruction Manual

Note : All photos shown are for illustration purposes only.

Package Contents;
- 1 x Liitokala Lii-500 4 Slots Charger With LCD Display
- 1 x Power Adapter (UK 3pin plug)
- 1 x Instruction Manual